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10 Scholarship Options for Graduate Level Studies

Paying for your undergraduate degree can be a daunting task that can leave you with mounds of debt. Adding a graduate degree, especially in fields such as Industrial and Organizational Psychology,  to that often discourages numerous people from even bothering to apply for the post-graduate program of their choice as they don’t feel as though they’ll be able to pay for it. While loans and grants are options, there are numerous scholarship options available students that meet certain criteria. Here are ten to get you started.

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College-Based Award
Much like undergraduate programs, colleges and universities do award partial or full scholarships for graduate programs if the student is especially promising. While not as common as undergraduate scholarships, it’s worth looking into whether your school offers them and what, if anything, you need to do to apply for them.

Career-Specific Scholarships
Depending on your chosen career path there may be scholarships to help you pay for the costs of taking classes to get into the field. Nursing and teaching career choices can often present with scholarships to help pay the costs of classes and certifications that are necessary to enter the field.

Research Fellowship
If research will be of particular import to your field there may be fellowship opportunities to help pay for your schooling. Technology, science, and even some math studies can provide scholarships based around the research that you will do and assist in doing while you study for your degree.

Professional Organizations
If you belong to a professional organization as a result of your current job they may offer scholarship money to help you advance your degree and become an even more valuable member of their organization. A little research into what benefits are afforded to members of your organization can result in savings on your degree.

North American Interfraternal Foundation
And you thought joining that fraternity or sorority was just about being social. This foundation awards scholarships to former members of fraternities and sororities that desire to enter into post-graduate studies and need help covering the costs.

Fulbright Program
A government funded program to help relations between us and other countries, the Fulbright program will allow you to study, research, and even teach in your area of discipline in other countries, allowing you to learn and experience the world at the same time.

Rhodes Scholarship
Specific to Oxford College, this scholarship is one of the most prestigious available to graduate students and allows the recipient to study at Oxford and even includes a stipend for living expenses paid by the Rhodes Trust.

Federal Government
The federal government offers numerous scholarships beyond the Fulbright program that can help eliminate or defer the costs of attending a graduate program to get your Master’s degree.

State Government
Your home state may also offer scholarships to potential graduate students, though typically it’s only available to those planning to attend a school within the state.

Minority Scholarships
Available for both ethnic and gender minorities, there are a plethora of scholarships available to help defer the costs of attending school to achieve your Master’s Degree

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