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5 More Easy Ways to Make Money in College

Making money in college is extremely important if you plan on keeping student debt low. Plus, it gives you some freedom to travel, splurge every once in awhile, and pay for unexpected expenses. Having a steady job is a great way to make money in college, but not everyone can commit 20+ hours a week to a minimum wage job, especially during test weeks. Here are some other jobs that college students can actually do on their own schedule to make extra money:

Fiverr is a marketplace for small transactions around $5.00. The good thing about Fiverr is that you can offer literally any task or service. If you’re smart, you can use your major or expertise and gain experience, make money, and create some connections. If you do just a few per week, you’ll have a bit of extra cash to apply to college expenses.

P2P Marketplaces
Two companies have arrived in recent years called Zaarly and Taskrabbit. For both of these sites, you can monetize a hobby or service. For example, if you have every Saturday free, you can label yourself as a personal shopper and have someone hire you to shop for them. If you have a hobby like baking or teaching, you can use these too! These two services aren’t available in every city, so check before you sign up!

Temp Agencies
Another great way to make money is to sign up with a temporary agency. Temporary work can pay well, and there’s typically not much commitment. Imagine that there’ a car show in your town for the weekend. The convention center will need to hire people just for the weekend to help with general work. If hired, you’ll work for a quick weekend, and have no commitment after that. Great for the busy student!

A Sober Friend
Staying sober on the weekend can add some width to your wallet. If a group of friends need a ride once they’ve had too many drinks, be their taxi service all night. Charge half of what a taxi charges. That way, your friends will save money, and you’ll make some. Do your friends need a last night grease feast? Offer to grab some fast food. They’ll appreciate you so much they won’t even mind the surcharge.

Sell Plasma
Yes, we’re serious. You can easily make $200 a month just selling plasma. If you sell too often, they won’t pay you as much, but if you’re in a tight financial crunch go for it. Just make sure you’re healthy and hydrated, and don’t expect to walk in and get money. You have to apply and get tested for certain diseases.
These are definitely nontraditional ways of making money in college, but if you have a busy schedule, and need extra cash, try one of the ideas out! You’ll have a backup for those unexpected expenses and can decrease your student debt!

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