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Why High School Grads Should Register for Cash Gifts Instead

There’s been a new trend going on: registering for cash instead of items. It has become increasingly common in the wedding world to use cash gift registries for anything from honeymoons to home down payments, but have you ever considered a gift registry for high school seniors to help them get what they need for college?

We’ve seen high school graduates registering for items at major retailers, but options can be limited, it might be inconvenient to transport them to campus, and the store might not even be in your new college town. If you and gift-givers are open to online gifts, why not choose a more customizable way to go about it? Getting items from just one store can get boring and generic — not how you’d want to start your next exciting four years.

With cash gift registries like Deposit a Gift, rising college freshmen can share what they need money for and how they will use it, so that family and friends can contribute, without all the shipping and schlepping that comes with physical gifts. Cash gifts also give them the flexibility to get everything on their terms: from the stores and vendors they prefer, when they need it most. They can use the gift money for everything from dorm room décor, to a new electronics or a flight home for the holidays, and even save some of it for a rainy day. Monetary gifts traditionally do not feel personal and warm, but lets people customize their gift list so it is a total reflection of who they are. This makes for a much more fun gifting experience than simply sending a new set of towels.

Having a graduation party? If Grandma Lois from across the country can’t make it in person, she can still gift money online to commemorate the big day. Most importantly, these cash gift registries allow others to contribute to items and goals that will make a difference. Need money for a new laptop before moving to college, but parents can only pay for half? We’ve got a registry for you.

 Here’s how a cash gift registry works:

  • Create your own Deposit a Gift site and register for items.Design your own page and register for items that you’d like to be able to get by the time of your deadline. In this case, high school graduates would choose items needed for college, list their prices, and set a deadline for before school starts.
  • Spread the word. Your dorm supplies and furniture would probably have been paid for by your parents, but they might not be willing to pick up the tab on absolutely everything you may need. Don’t forget to address your community of relatives and family friends who will be bidding you well wishes for graduating. Instead of receiving a monogrammed towel set (great, but unessential for a college kid), a graduate can ask for cash that will go towards essentials that will fit their specific needs perfectly.
  • Collect! Once family and friends have finished contributing, it’s time to receive all your money. And don’t worry — all gifts are given securely online via credit card and held in an FDIC insured bank.

Get started on decking out your dorm and be ready for the start of college!

About the Author: Liana Wong is a rising senior at New York University. She moved across the country for school and knows what it’s like trying to get settled at a new school. She currently interns with

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