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4 Steps to the Lowest Price on All Online Purchases

I would say that a majority of the purchases I make (outside of groceries) are made online. Why? Because I am almost always able to find what I'm looking for cheaper than any store offers it. I'm going to show you how. It's a pretty simple strategy, but one I can almost guarantee you're not using right now. ...

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Healthy Meals on a Budget

This is a guest post from Lynn E. from over at Mama Says. Go check out her site and then follow her on Twitter! She has a lot of great recipes for you to try out! My niece recently reminded me of the first soup recipe I taught her to make.  It was my college go-to recipe for a delicious meal on a limited budget.  I lived on this soup during my college days at the University of Arizona.  Truth be told, I als ...

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Make Extra Money With These Five Easy Jobs

You're a college student who spends most of your time studying, partying, and hanging out friends. You don't have enough time (or desire) to pick up a regular part-time job, so you just go through your school year not working and racking up even more debt. You struggle through the year eating ramen far too much and staying in on weekends because you don't have money to do anything. Sound fairly accurate? We ...

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Make Even More Money As You Sleep

If you take a look at the popular posts widget on the sidebar you'll see a link titled "Make Money While You Sleep" that you can click on to read all about the program. Before you do, read a bit further. I wanted to make a quick update about this program. It happens to be one of my favorite ways to make money. Why? Well, mostly because I have to do absolutely nothing to make money with it! All I do is leave ...

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Rock Bottom Prices on Magazines

Earlier this month, I wrote an article giving you all some information on finding free magazines. What if you can't find the magazine you're looking for on that site? Well, you can either go and pay full price, or you can do the following. First, you can go to and see if you can find a good deal on the magazine you're looking for there. The search checks a bunch of different websites ...

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Donate Plasma For Money

As a poor college student, you've more than likely heard of donating plasma for money. Let's call it selling plasma instead, because that is really what it boils down to. Sure, you're helping out tremendously by doing it, but you're probably doing it because you get paid for it. So how much can you make? Well, you can make up to $240 per month at the center nearest to me. They allow you to make two donation ...

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